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    relax tight muscles

    Treat yourself with a powerful deep tissue massage.


    Because you deserve to feel amazing.

    Eliminate Back Pain

    Relax your muscles anytime, anywhere.

    Australia’s Best Massage Gun

    Top quality at top price. No need for a massage therapist anymore. Save costs.

    the difference

    Design feature

    1800-3200 rpm

    Powerful 30 Speed Levels

    Adjustable speed: The speed can reach 1800-3200 percussions per minute. Multiple frequencies to meet muscle relaxation requests from home users to athletes. Delivering from gentle massage mode to professional deep tissue massage.

    Design feature

    45 DB

    Low Noise Technology

    The sound level is less than 45 DB which equals the the whisper in a library. Appropriate to use whilst watching TV. Most massage gun suppliers don't provide this information or replicas often display incorrect information.

    Design feature

    7 hours

    Lithium Battery

    A lithium battery is the most advanced battery with the advantages of the longest life, constant power, fast charging, replaceable & lightweight. Voltage 24V, 7 hours running time

    top features. more powerful.

    With 30% more power than the competitors, the ZENPOWER PRO is the most powerful percussion device you can find.

    R.I.P. Muscle Knots and Pain

    Use your Zenpower Massage Gun 3-4 minutes for each muscle group. Easy to use and super effective.

    You deserve to feel amazing

    Be your own personal massage therapist with your very own Zenpower Massage Gun. It is convenient, portable, easy to use and super effective.

    This is your personal home masseuse

    Australia's favourite massage guns.

    Australian Warranty

    12 months warranty

    Trusted & Safe

    Safe, private & secure transaction

    100% satisfaction guarantee

    14 day money back guarantee

    Quality Guarantee

    Australia's best massage gun